11 July 2019

A unique solution is being prepared for the Olympic-sized swimming pool in Târgu Mureș

The interior ceiling of the Olympic-sized pool in Târgu Mureș will be made of laminated wood and will be forty meters wide, which is considered a unique solution in Romania," said Gogolák Zsolt, the representative of the design company, in an interview with Székelyhon. The ambitious project has recently begun, and according to the issued permit, it must be completed by August 25th next year.


The development ministry-funded Olympic-sized swimming pool is being built in the location of the May 1st Beach in Târgu Mureș. The plan was already completed in 2010, but there hasn't been enough funding for its execution until now. The area belongs to the Maros Sport Club, who demolished the remains of the former beach and cleared the site. Construction equipment has recently appeared at the site to commence the construction of the sports facility. During the works, the neglected inline skating rink in the area needs to be removed, but after the swimming pool is built, it will be reconstructed and available for use again.


As Gogolák Zsolt mentioned on-site, the facility will have a 25-meter and a 50-meter pool, with the latter allowing training in ten lanes and being suitable for national and international swimming and water polo competitions.


For the design of the Olympic-sized pool, they opted for a method that is unique in Romania so far. The interior, forty-meter-wide ceiling will be made of laminated wood imported from Sweden, which will create an outstanding visual effect.


Vasile-Daniel Suciu, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Development, stated in Târgu Mureș that the ministry will provide the necessary funds for the execution and expressed confidence that the facility will be completed within the promised fourteen months. Dorin Florea, the mayor of Târgu Mureș, has requested the Ministry of Youth and Sports to start planning meetings and competitions in the sports facility already, as he wants it to be fully utilized.


The completion of the swimming pool does not mark the end of the works at the site. Cosmin Pop, the director of the Maros Sport Club, mentioned that parking lots will need to be arranged, and they also plan to construct a multi-purpose building, including conference rooms, to ensure suitable conditions for all kinds of events.


Source: https://szekelyhon.ro/aktualis/egyedi-megoldassal-keszul-a-marosvasarhelyi-olimpiai-meretu-uszomedence#



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