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We are

Multinvest Group

Our mission is to bring our customers' aspirations as close to reality as possible. Like them, we have aspirations of our own: to guarantee quality, prompt, efficient and creative service. Beyond engineering thinking, our work reflects our human spirit and values. They form the basis of our relationship with our customers and partners and our approach to community, business and market issues.

Multinvest management's vision is to create value through sustainable projects and constructions, based on systems and process thinking and action and continuous innovation, including green thinking. Our work is characterized by a comprehensive approach to construction, design, infrastructure, specialties and execution of works in general.



more than 


Where did we start?

…2020…”Build community”…


After the pandemic years, through which Multinvest managed to pass without too many difficulties, thanks to its extensive portfolio of services and a well-developed internal organization, Multinvest is building a complex of three buildings, consisting of a business incubator, a hotel under the Hilton brand and an office building, in a new concept, generically called "Boutique Office". The complex will be completed in the coming years with a wellness and sports centre.


The concept of Multinvest Business Hub is born, which will mean, beyond a set of buildings, a new model of community, work and lifestyle, designed to accelerate the future of the entire community of Targu Mures.


Multinvest Group's Corporate Social Responsibility


Multinvest tries to find those development strategies that meet both market and business requirements. Thus "win-win" strategies are preferred because they promote the much desired "triple bottom line" phenomenon, also known as "people, planet, profit", invented by Elkington, in which "stakeholders" and the community gain sustainable development, thanks to the companies' initiatives, while the companies gain trust, loyalty and sustainable development".


The "triple bottom line" is the starting point for sustainable development for the Multinvest Group. In addition to the targeted profitability, Multinvest has two other components in mind: people and planet, knowing that any decision taken by a sustainable business must improve the quality of the environment and must also build a social/community element.


Sustainable development, corporate social responsibility and the "triple bottom line" are therefore the points of view taken into account in the Multinvest Group's development strategy, each bringing benefits to the company, the environment and all categories of stakeholders. CSR is seen as an investment in the "triple bottom line" that supports Multinvest's Mission and Vision and advocates sustainable development.


The Multinvest designer is the image of the "socially responsible designer", characterized by the knowledge and consideration of BREAM or LEED provisions in the design and establishment of technical solutions, tacitly, without the condition of a certification process. Conveying these ideas in an appropriate, aggressive form to the stakeholders of a project. The Multinvest designer possesses a high level of professional awareness, in the sense of a "natural" responsibility towards the environment.


…2010… “Green” beginnings…


In 2008 Multinvest applies for financing to build an office building on its own land in the central area of Targu Mures. In the midst of the economic crisis, while the real estate market collapses and other construction sites are stopped and closed, Multinvest starts building, believing in its own capacity and the correctness of its estimates.


The successful completion of the construction in 2013 and the success that the investment has had, has highlighted one of the characteristics of Multinvest's management - the desire, intention and ability to do things "differently than others" - one of the factors that has ensured its continued growth, even in the most difficult market conditions.
Today, the first office building built by Multinvest has a green building certificate issued by the London certification institution (BREEAM) and has a developed area of 4001 sqm, which currently houses a large number of companies, with a 100% rental rate. Thanks to the innovative technology used, in 2016 it was awarded at the E.On Energy Globe Awards with the title of "the most sustainable office building in Romania".
In 2014, Multinvest starts its first project in general contracting, with Hirschmann Romania as beneficiary. The start was a success and followed in 2015 - 2016, the shopping center next to Kaufland, the Lidl supermarket on Gheorghe Doja street and the industrial hall extension at Matricon. The quality of the works and the seriousness developed valuable partnerships with the respective investors. In the second part of this year Multinvest completed the construction of other Lidl stores and similar shopping centers associated with Kaufland in various other locations in the country.
Parallel with these projects, based on the experience gained with the first Business Center, Multinvest started construction of the next office building in 2015.
The new office building, with an area of 10 000 square meters, almost triple the size of the first Business Center, offers office space for companies such as RDS, Lateral, E-ON, etc.
Having the first Business Center and building the second, in 2016 Multinvest started to create and develop Facility Management and Property Management services, providing development support and business consulting.

...the '90s... Engineering... 


Multinvest was founded in August 1994, in Miercurea Ciuc, in the era of economic transformations in Romania, various business opportunities appeared, in which Multinvest was able to grow and consolidate itself as a micro-enterprise. In 1999 Multinvest moved its headquarters to Targu Mures, and in 2000 it started to provide structural design services, taking its first steps in the construction market.


In 2001 Multinvest moves to its first own office on Gheorghe Doja 37 street and starts developing and expanding its services in the field of construction, an activity that will consecrate the Multinvest brand over time.

…after 2000…”More than Engineering”

In 2006, Multinvest moves to a new office at 67 Gheorghe Doja Street, the first building designed and built by Multinvest, and continues to diversify its themes and increase the complexity of its projects.
During this period, Multinvest's construction projects include warehouses for Romgaz, the Faculty of Economic Sciences of Petru Maior University, the regional logistics and office warehouse for Gedeon Richter, as well as the rehabilitation of 23 schools, on European programmes, projects with which Multinvest is also entering the market of objectives financed by EU funds. In addition to these, numerous housing projects, banks, tourist attractions and residential blocks were completed.
During this period, Multinvest also entered the works financed by the state through the CNI, obtaining the pilot project for Olympic swimming pools, a programme that is still active today, with the Dinamo București Olympic pool, the Steaua București polo pool, Focșani municipality, training pools and other locations in preparation, including Târgu Mureș.
Between 2007 and 2010, with large-scale works such as the Gold Plaza mall in Baia Mare, Multinvest demonstrates its ability to design any type of construction, of any size, covering all specialties within a project, the ability to work anywhere in the country and to face, without problems, the demands of foreign investors.
In the field of construction design, Multinvest is becoming a local and regional leader. In the last years of the decade, Multinvest develops the first road infrastructure projects, adding works in this field to its portfolio.
In these ten years of development and experience gaining, Multinvest develops a partnership with CEH zRt company from Budapest, a new service and product, project management services, providing these services for objectives such as the Promenada Mall retail park in Târgu Mureș, the Praktiker store, the modernization of the Friesland Târgu Mureș and Baciu milk factory and others of the same scale.