07 October 2016

Eon Energy Globe Award

E.ON Energy Globe Award Romania announced its winners at a gala event held on Thursday, 6 October at the Royal Palace in Bucharest, attended by representatives from business, academia, culture and government.


Out of more than 150 initiatives and ideas entered in the competition, 5 projects from Mures, Timis, Brasov and Mun. Bucharest

Companies category: Multinvest Business Center (SC Multinvest SRL, mun. Tîrgu Mureș, jud. Mureș)


Source: http://www.energyglobe.ro/proiectele-finaliste/multinvest-business-center




Str. Gh. Doja nr.67 Târgu Mureș, Jud. Mureș, 540354, Romania

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