05 June 2022

Incubcenter for future specialists from Târgu Mureș

Around 50 representatives of the main companies developing real estate projects in Mures, of public institutions and professionals from the construction, real estate and architecture related fields attended the conference "Mures Residential 2022. Sustainable Development."


The event was organised in the premises of the "Cocoșul de Aur" restaurant in Târgu Mureș by the team of the daily newspaper Zi de Zi and the economic magazine Transilvania Business with the aim of publicly and interactively debating the projects that are transforming the city, people's lives and the economy of Mures, as well as presenting the most attractive real estate projects and the most important investments on the Mures construction market.


Incubcenter for future specialists

Many of the projects that we (re)discovered during the investors' panel bear the signature of architect Angela Kovács, who joined a valuable team, that of Multinvest, led by Gogolák Hrubecz Zsolt.


The professional tandem was also rewarded with an award and a significant painting for Multinvest's work, as a symbolic reward for the projects the company has carried out.


Founded over 25 years ago, Multinvest Group, with multiple lines of business today - design, general contracting, office real estate developer - is developing a new and very special project, a business incubator. Described as a dream, a soul project, Incubcenter started to be designed in 2018, when the company attracted European funding, which turned out to be a complicated undertaking that meant 5 years from initiation to execution.


"A business incubator means professionalism and mentoring for youth because we don't really talk about what happens to the next generation for construction. The business incubator is sectoral, on the construction industry which is very broad. Everything we used as materials and as a result in this building wants to be an example of quality. The building will be nZeb at the end, with even overpressure measurements," Gogolák Hrubecz Zsolt pointed out.


The Incubcenter in the area of Gării Mari, an area on which the Multinvest team is betting for the future, will be inaugurated in October and the building will be furnished this summer.


Architect Angela Kovács reveals what the challenge of restoring the Golden Cockerel has meant, letting the emotions flow in the story.

"I am glad that three days after the official opening, a conference on architecture, urban planning and urban development is happening in this building.

It is a magical place that has a charge that cannot be expressed in words, a very valuable building, in which people have lived beautifully, well, and in the last 20 years it has not been used to its true value. The owner has taken the building and I think he fell in love with it, as I did, and I have taken it over", are some of the thoughts of the architect who underlined that this project is the result of teamwork, a whole team of designers, executors and beneficiary contributing to the revival of this heritage building.


The project was not easy. "We had surprises especially with the structure of the building, we had to strengthen some elements of the building, but we had to respect its character, shape, volume, decorations", added Angela Kovács, but certainly, as the guest pointed out, "it is a place you don't pass by, it stays in your mind".

The architect also spoke about European and national trends in residential development and beyond, a topic she covered extensively and to which we will return in future editions.


Source: https://www.zi-de-zi.ro/2022/06/05/incubcenter-pentru-viitorii-specialisti-din-targu-mures/





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