25 January 2023

Innovation Centre and underground parking behind the Theatre Square

The partnership between Multinvest Proiectare S.R.L. and Céh Tervező, Beruházó és Fejlesztő Zártkörűen Működő Részvénytársaság has won the First Prize in the "Innovation Centre and Underground Parking" Solution Competition in Târgu Mureș.


"To develop we need strategies, we need professionals and last but not least we need competitiveness. The aim of these solution competitions is to identify the best ideas for the areas under consideration, from specialists in the field with a broad vision, who study in detail each segment of the plan given for development. Things can't be done according to personal wishes or to the occasional conjuncture. The opinion of the specialists must prevail alongside their work, and the implementation of the projects must obviously be carried out in accordance with the law", said Soós Zoltán, Mayor of Târgu Mureș.


The 6 projects entered in the competition launched by the municipality for the future "Innovation Centre and Underground Car Parks" in Târgu Mureș were analysed at the end of last week by a jury of prestigious architects, urban planners and engineers. According to the procedures, the winners were announced at a press conference of the jury held at the Târgu Mureș City Hall.


"We had the honour to have invited to the jury renowned specialists with extensive professional and competitive experience, who appreciated both the theme of the competition and the quality of the projects entered in the competition," said the Chief Architect of the Municipality, Daniela Florina Miheț.


"Despite the small number of projects submitted, most of them responded to the theme and the urban context, and were appreciated for solutions that not only placed a new building, but managed to create an attractive urban context for all categories of spaces - indoor and outdoor, relying on the transformative character of architecture. The jury's decision on the awards was unanimous. "said jury president, Prof. Dr. Arch. Șerban Țigănaș.


The competition provides for the architectural, urban and landscape remodelling of the area behind the National Theatre in Târgu Mureș, the total prizes being 30,000 thousand euros, as follows:

First prize, worth 15,000 euro - Multinvest Proiectare S.R.L. - Leader and Céh Tervező, Beruházó és Fejlesztő Zártkörűen Működő Részvénytársaság - Associate, with a score of 87 points / 100.Second prize, worth 10,000 euro - Studio 82 S.R.L. team in association with arh. Vlad Sebastian Rusu Individual Office of Architecture, with a score of 71 points / 100.The third prize, worth 5,000 euros, will not be awarded.The jury's decision was motivated by the large difference between the first two winning projects and the next ranked in the order of the score awarded according to the judging criteria. 


Attending the event, Mayor Soós Zoltán said: "I can only congratulate all the teams entered, I congratulate the winners, I congratulate the work done by the jury and last but not least I congratulate the team of the Chief Architect because this time too she has shown professionalism and a great deal of commitment to the city's projects. I am convinced that the municipality of Targu Mures is taking the right steps towards urban development, becoming a city where it is a pleasure to live".

The jury team included: Prof. Dr. Arch. Șerban Țigănaș - president of the jury, dr. arch. Emil Ivănescu, arch. urb. Eugen Pănescu, dr. arh. urb. Guttmann Szabolcs István, dr. arh. urb. Ványolós Endre, arh. urb. Iszlai Tamás, arh. Miheț Florina Daniela, jury's specialist consultants: dr. eng. Nicolae Ciont, arh. Keresztes Géza.


Source: https://www.punctul.ro/centru-de-inovare-si-parcare-subterana-in-spatele-pietei-teatrului/


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