05 June 2013

Marosvásárhely's first "green" office building was inaugurated

Not only the county seat, but also the first "green" building in the region, belonging to energy class A, was inaugurated in Târgu Mureș. The five-story office building, built and operated using innovative technologies, environmentally friendly materials, and renewable energies, called the Multinvest Business Center, was inaugurated yesterday in the presence of entrepreneurs and public figures in Târgu Mureș. The 21 million lei investment was partially funded by the European Union.


Although the building appears red on the outside, it is "green" on the inside, stated Gogolák-Hrubecz Zsolt, CEO of Multinvest Kft., in an interview following the inauguration ceremony. He emphasized that they built it with environmental consciousness and that the project was realized through serious teamwork. "In 2007-2008, we applied for EU funds under the Regional Operational Program and received 70% financing for this project. Thinking in terms of green investments is a long process, and this principle accompanies the building from design, construction, acceptance, operation, and even demolition, as it is like a person's life, from birth to death," said Gogolák-Hrubecz Zsolt. When asked specifically what makes the building "green," the CEO of Multinvest Kft. explained that while most people think of polystyrene insulation, it represents only 30% of the concept. "Everything that operates in this office building is energy-efficient. We heat the building using electric power and a heat pump, not natural gas. There are 30 probes located 180 meters underground, and we used environmentally friendly building materials.


The investment is the result of teamwork, from planning and project management to material selection. We welcome companies and entrepreneurs who share the same principles, regardless of their field of operation. The second question from the CEO of an IT company, the first client, was about the location of bicycle racks..." said Gogolák-Hrubecz Zsolt. The only green office building in the region is located on the main square of Târgu Mureș, with a floor area of 1000 square meters and a usable area of 2500 square meters. They have created 50 parking spaces in the basement. Multinvest occupies one floor for design, while the rest of the building is leased to other companies. Half of the area is already occupied. When asked about the rental fees and conditions, the CEO gave a restrained statement but emphasized that it is important for the companies coming here to share the same principles as Multinvest, including job creation. Based on these criteria, more favorable rental fees can be negotiated.


The CEO of Multinvest highlighted that the creation of the "intelligent" building was achieved through the use of eco-technologies and environmentally friendly building materials. At the opening ceremony, Gogolák-Hrubecz Zsolt, along with Claudiu Maior, who represented the municipal office, congratulated the investor, assuring the support of the local government, stating that the city administration considers supporting the business sector important, especially the implementation of environmentally friendly investments.


After the inauguration of the office building, professional presentations took place in the auditorium of the Ariel Theater. Gogolák-Hrubecz Zsolt presented the Multinvest Business Center project and the services offered by the office building. Gogolák-Hrubecz Margit, co-owner and project manager, presented certificates of excellence to the subcontractors and partner companies involved in the investment. Kovács Angela, an architectural engineer and representative of the National Order of Architects, spoke about the "green trends" in urbanism. The representative of the Central Development Agency informed the participants about EU financing for sustainable buildings and the available grant opportunities. Steven Bomcamp, President of the Romania Green Building Council, delivered a lecture on the financial aspects of "green buildings," their advantages, and their environmental impact. Afterward, the participants had the opportunity to visit the building. In the afternoon, a professional lecture series continued on topics such as traditional and green technologies, automation of intelligent buildings, quality auditing and certification of green investments, etc., and the evening concluded with a theater performance.


Source: https://www.e-nepujsag.ro/articles/felavattak-marosvasarhely-elso-%E2%80%9Ezold%E2%80%9D-irodahazat# (Hungarian)



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