11 July 2019

Mures Castle from 1545, restored to its former glory

In the coming years we will have a new tourist and cultural attraction in the county. Bethlen Castle in Bahnea will be renovated and a 4-5 star hotel will be built next to the castle. The work was requested by the Reformed Diocese of Transylvania and the developer of the project is Multinvest.


Bethlen Castle is located at the entrance to the village of Bahnea in the direction of Bălăușeri, with the main facade facing south-west.


A 42-room building


Built in 1545 by Bethlen Farkas, it was later transformed by Bethlen Elek senior and junior. This transformation took place approximately between 1679 and 1711. At this time the rectangular fortification around the castle was built, containing a stone wall, an octagonal bastion and gate tower at the four corners. In the 19th century, the politician Bethlen Farkas carried out the last major phase of construction, with alterations to the building and the addition of the balcony in the early 20th century.


Bethlen Castle is a three-storey building, basement, ground and first floor, containing 42 rooms. The building has an elongated-rectangular plan, which is defined by a central rhizalite and, to the north, by a corner pavilion and a building wing attached to it. The exterior stylistic appearance of the building combines elements of Romanticism (Rundbogenstil) with Gothic and Neo-Renaissance woodwork. Unfortunately, in 1948, after nationalisation, the castle began to deteriorate rapidly.


Today, the character of the fortress has completely disappeared. Under communism, the castle housed various public institutions. After the change of regime in 1989, the condition of the castle deteriorated continuously. In 2008, the castle was given back to Bethlen Ádám's daughter, Bethlen Fruzsina, and after the removal of the property, she donated the castle to the Reformed Church of Bahnea. In 2011, the castle got a new roof.


Outdoor amphitheatre and a majestic garden with lake


The castle will be restored by Multinvest to its original form in its heyday at the request of the church, becoming a cultural centre. The hotel with its modern architecture will provide accommodation and will also serve as a venue for various events.


An open-air amphitheatre will be built and the garden will be restored with a large green area and a lake.


The exact date for the start of construction and renovation of this historic centre is not yet known, but Multinvest hopes to start work as soon as possible, depending on the receipt of all necessary approvals and permits in due time and funding.


Consultation is currently taking place on the preliminary proposals for the Zonal Urban Development Plan: "Preparation of the PUZ for the construction of a hotel with related functions and the development of the Bethlen Castle site". The public is invited to submit comments and proposals on the documents available at the Bahnea Town Hall until 15 July, between 10.00-14.00. The public is invited to participate in the public debate on 19 July at 12.00 noon at the Bahnea Town Hall. The response to the comments submitted will be made available to the public by 18 July, by posting at the Town Hall.


Source: https://www.zi-de-zi.ro/2019/07/11/imagini-exclusive-castel-muresean-din-1545-readus-la-vechea-glorie-se-va-construi-si-un-hotel/



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