08 June 2023

"Mureșul Imobiliar 2023": Multinvest SRL believes in Târgu Mureș

The third edition of the "Mureșul Imobiliar" Conference, an event organized by the daily newspaper Zi de Zi and the economic magazine Transilvania Business, took place on Thursday, May 25, at the "Cocoșul de Aur" Restaurant in Târgu Mureș.


Representatives of local public authorities from the municipality of Târgu Mureș and the commune of Sângeorgiu de Mureș, real estate developers, architects, and other professionals from related construction fields, discussed, for nearly three hours, in an interactive manner, both real estate and urban development projects, as well as aspects related to legislative regulations, innovations and comfort in the real estate sector, infrastructure, and even strategies and future perspectives.

The "Mureșul Imobiliar 2023" Conference, live-streamed on the Facebook page of the daily newspaper Zi de Zi and the economic magazine Transilvania Business, was organized with the support of the following partners: Fomco Imobiliare, Caparol, Daw Bența, Multinvest Group, Profelis, Bastion Luxury Residence, Villa Vinea, University of Medicine, Pharmacy, Science and Technology (UMFST) "George Emil Palade" from Târgu Mureș, Arossa Center, Aliat, Maurer Residence Târgu Mureș, Astor-Valpet Group of Companies, Mammoth Stage, True Imobiliare, Home Adimag, Centrul de Sticlă, Atlas Sport, Therezia, Negro, Dauer, Concept 9, Lavandei Residence, Reta Com, BCD Video & Livestream, and Pavel Belski, the voice that ensured the success of the Garden Party after the event.


Multinvest SRL believes in Târgu Mureş. Gogolák Zsolt, CEO of Multinvest SRL, emphasized the importance of entrepreneurs supporting the development of the city.


"We, first and foremost, believe in this city. I think others should believe as well, especially entrepreneurs who should come up with ideas and proposals. We chose the train station as a reference point because we believe that the train station is a point of reference and mobility, and if it's not today, it will be in the future. We believe that the area will become the new business center of the city, where entrepreneurs with good intentions for Târgu Mureş will come," he said.


Last year, Multinvest opened a center for young entrepreneurs in Târgu Mureş.


"Incubcenter is a European project because without this project, we couldn't create a center for young entrepreneurs. Their path is very difficult because in Romania, we already have a mature market, over 30 years old, and if we say it's limping, it's not like it was in the 1990s. Today, to enter the construction market, you need substantial support, and I'm not just talking about financial support. We are looking for those young people who want to start a business, a startup, and not fail next year because we know that a startup can survive the first year. This institution is a sectoral business incubator in construction, besides design, execution, project management, everything related to construction that we do within the group, we encourage young people to start a business that will endure," the director of the company stated.


Gogolák Zsolt also discussed the bureaucratic problems encountered, especially in the implementation of the city's infrastructure projects.


"We talked about bureaucracy; it's not easy. A more complex project requires 10-15 permits, and people need to learn this bureaucratic part as well. I appeal to everyone to have a common strategy to bring more young people to Târgu Mureş because otherwise, who will we work with and who will carry on what we have started? City infrastructure projects are challenging because bureaucracy is huge. For example, a project like a bridge, from the idea to its actual completion, takes between 7 and 10 years. We need to speak the truth and see how we can shorten these deadlines. The Olympic Pool, for instance, started in 2006 and was completed 2 years ago. There should be a paradigm shift; we need more specialists in both local governments and ministries and open discussions. We need strategy and preparation. From a professional and technical standpoint, we are prepared just like in the West. So why can't we align our legislation to be more flexible?" he expressed.


Source: https://www.zi-de-zi.ro/2023/06/05/muresul-imobiliar-2023-multinvest-srl-crede-in-targu-mures/


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