25 February 2023

National programme "Women in Construction" launched

National Conference "Today's Woman: Actively involved in the economy and society", an event organised on Friday 17 February at the IncubCenter in Târgu Mureș by the Organisation of Women Entrepreneurs - UGIR, was the occasion for the launch of the "Women in Construction" programme. The initiative for a programme aimed at training women in construction belongs to Multinvest Group, namely IncubCenter, the base that will ensure the implementation of the programme.


"From a strength design company established in 1994, today, together with my husband, I run a company, a group of 25 companies exclusively in the construction sector that will develop and grow further, also taking into account this project, IncubCenter and the start-ups we have taken behind us. We're an engineering-based company. I can say that it is Mr Gogolak's vision that I am trying to put into practice. We've invested in this city a lot. We have at least 15 buildings invested in Targu Mures. We are very proud of what we have done, I can tell you that we have given value to the city. Through the IncubCenter where we are launching the "Woman in Construction" program and through the buildings that are being developed around us will give added value to this city," said Gogolak Margit, co-owner and CEO of Multinvest Group.


Women, the majority in Multinvest Group


Women play an important role in Multinvest Group's gearing, according to Gogolak Margit. "If at county level 14% of the population has higher education, in our company this percentage is at least 60-70% of which a lot of them are specialized in construction. In our company 56% are women. In this field of construction I don't think there is such a percentage in any other company in Romania. We also have very beautiful women, my husband even said at one point that we could organize a beauty contest in construction. What's more, there are women in all areas of management in the company," said Gogolak Margit.

Why a national programme?


"This IncubCenter was designed to add value to the construction sector for start-ups, for young entrepreneurs who want to grow, but do not have a location, knowledge, experience in construction. IncubCenter is an integrated building for the construction sector, i.e. start-ups that are interested in coming to us. As a construction project manager, I worked on this project for two years. It was extremely hard, we caught the Covid, we caught the price increases, we caught everything. I worked with 150 men, by myself, but eventually I overcame. With this programme that we are launching today we want to offer those who are interested in the construction industry to make use of our experience gained in almost 30 years in construction," explained Gogolak Margit.


IncubCenter is a sectoral business incubator in the construction sector, according to Besenyei Sarolta, IncubCenter manager, vice-president of the Smart City Romania Association.


"IncubCenter is a sectoral business incubator in the construction sector. There is no such business incubator in this sector in Romania. It is the largest business incubator building in Romania and it is a business incubator with a certified green infrastructure. This business incubator structure is accredited by the Ministry of Entrepreneurship. We are an accredited business incubator, which is why both we and the start-ups will benefit from the Business Incubator Law and business incubator funding if it passes the Romanian Parliament. In order to optimise the funding of start-ups in Romania in a more controlled way, start-ups that will be funded will be obliged to go through an incubation process for a better survival in the economic market", said Besenyei Sarolta.

Programme objectives


According to the IncubCenter manager, the "Woman in Construction" programme aims to develop a national network of construction mentors and increase the number of women involved in construction. "The national "Woman in Construction" programme has two important objectives. The first important objective is to establish a national network of women mentors in construction through which we help those young women who want to develop, even if they are already working in construction or if they are students in a construction industry profile, to help them in their development, to create development opportunities for them through mentoring, through entrepreneurship and management education, through vocational training courses, through educational scholarships and through networking events. With the mentor network in place, we want to organise regional and why not national events. The second important goal is to increase the number of women in the construction industry. It is clear to everyone that the construction industry is male-dominated, but we believe, and it is proven by this project and the work of the Multinvest Group, that the vision of women in the construction industry can only bring beautiful things and added value," said Besenyei Sarolta.


The share of women in the construction industry, except for Multinvest Group where the ratio is 65-35 in favour of women, is not very high, which justifies to some extent the "Women in Construction" programme, according to Gogolak Margit.


"Nowadays we women are not taken seriously in the construction industry. I'm talking about young women coming out of university. They are pretty, they are young, and of course they have no experience because university gives them a base, not experience, and then of course they end up on the construction site, where they are lost at the first direct question from a site manager or more experienced worker. That's why we need this programme that we thought of launching, to give the necessary experience to those who come into the construction field, especially women who come with a higher education", concluded Gogolak Margit.


Source: https://www.zi-de-zi.ro/2023/02/25/s-a-lansat-programul-national-femeia-in-constructii/



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