31 May 2023

The first international hotel in Târgu Mureș, inaugurated in July 2023

The General Manager of Multinvest SRL Târgu Mureș, Gogolák Zsolt, recently announced on May 25th, during the conference "Mureșul Imobiliar 2023," that the inauguration of the first international hotel in Târgu Mureș will take place in July of this year. The hotel will operate under the Hilton brand and will be located at 64-68 Gheorghe Doja Street.


"In July, next to the Business Incubator (IncubCenter ), we are opening the Hilton Hotel, which is the first international hotel in Târgu Mureș, and with this, we aim to put Târgu Mureș tourism on the map," stated Gogolák Zsolt at the event organized by the daily newspaper Zi de Zi and the Transilvania Business economic magazine.

At the end of the "Mureșul Imobiliar 2023" conference, the General Manager of Multinvest SRL Târgu Mureș added, "We need to prepare ourselves; there is still a lot to be done. We have many requirements to meet from the Hilton brand, and that's what we're working on. The hotel is our property, and Hilton is the brand that will manage the operations."


The 6-story hotel will have 115 rooms


According to the construction site panel, the investment belongs to Virtual Reality Zone SRL (controlled by Gogolák Margit and Gogolák Zsolt, each with a 50% share) and represents a collaboration between several companies: Multinvest SRL (general designer, structural designer), Multinvest Proiectare SRL (architectural designer, installation designer), and Alfa Construct (general contractor, contractor for installations, contractor for structure, and closures/insulations).


"The beneficiary of the documentation intends to build a hotel. It will have a basement plus ground floor plus mezzanine plus 5 floors plus 6 setbacks. The hotel's capacity will be 115 hotel rooms. The basement will be furnished with parking spaces and the necessary technical areas for the hotel's operation. The ground floor will include common areas such as the reception with luggage storage space and administrative offices, the kitchen, and the necessary annex spaces for its operation, the breakfast dining room, and sanitary facilities. The mezzanine and floors 1-6 will be occupied by hotel rooms and offices with linen storage necessary for the hotel's operation. The rooms will be equipped with beds, space for a table and chairs, space for clothing and luggage storage, and a bathroom equipped with a sink, toilet, and shower. The minimum free height will be 2.7 meters. The mezzanine will be arranged as a fitness room and a server room," as mentioned in the project presentation memorandum, which states that the investment amounts to 9,511,200 lei.


Source: https://www.zi-de-zi.ro/2023/05/31/primul-hotel-international-din-targu-mures-inaugurat-in-iulie-2023/


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