21 July 2023

The second building of the strategic center belonging to the Multinvest Group - the Hampton by Hilton Hotel - was inaugurated

PRESS RELEASE. The inauguration of a significant investment took place on Zaharului Street in Târgu Mureș. Following the recent completion and handover of the first building within the strategic investment made by Multinvest Group's IncubCenter, the Hampton by Hilton Hotel building has been inaugurated. The operator is the renowned Hilton group, which comes with a long tradition of providing high-quality services in accordance with international standards.


This important investment was made by Multinvest Group, with 35% of it being funded by a grant from the Pro Economica Foundation. The investment marks a new significant milestone in the economic development of the strategic center, the city of Târgu Mureș, and the region.


Located on Zaharului Street, the Hampton by Hilton Hotel is part of the pedestrian section of the Multinvest Business Center 2 complex and the adjacent commercial complex, with access also available from Gheorghe Doja Street and Turzii Street.


"The geographical positioning is highly advantageous for those visiting the city of Târgu Mureș for business purposes, as it is easily accessible from the airport, train station, and by car. The IncubCenter business incubator, the network of nearby private clinics, and catering units serve visitors in almost any field. At the same time, it is an ideal place for business investments, aiming to develop a strong business center for Târgu Mureș, which could also become a new industrial and digitalization hub for the city," stated Mr. Zsolt Gogolák-Hrubecz, co-owner of Multinvest Group.


The building, with a usable area of 5,000 square meters, consists of 6 floors and has an underground parking facility. "The total value of the investment is approximately 11 million euros. The hotel building was constructed using innovative structures of metal beams, reinforced monolithic concrete walls, and a ventilated facade with high thermal and energy efficiency, similar to the other buildings in the complex. We worked following the Hilton group's visual identity manual, using exclusively high-quality materials and approved suppliers. The completed building, under the supervision of a project management team with extremely high standards, characteristic of the Hilton group, represents an investment value twice as high as the neighboring IncubCenter building, with a similar appearance. This is due to the need to create a fully-equipped project in accordance with Hilton Hotel's requirements, including complete furnishings, installations, accessories, necessary equipment, IT, and security systems. Approximately 67% of the total investment cost represents the construction of the building, while 33% represents the costs of interior equipment and fittings," said Mrs. Margit Gogolák Hrubecz, the project manager of the hotel building, who has nearly 30 years of experience in construction as an authorized construction engineer and co-owner of Multinvest Group.


The "Hampton by Hilton Târgu Mureș" project received its construction permit on December 31, 2020, and the works started in April 2021, concluding on May 24, 2023.

"The investment, supported by the Pro Economica Foundation, was made with the help of the Transylvanian Region Economic Development Program supported by the Hungarian Government. The foundation's economic development strategy identifies two main areas of development: agriculture and tourism. The integrated development of these two economic sectors can be, in our opinion, the guarantee of sustainable and long-term development in the region. Building the Hampton by Hilton Hotel in Târgu Mureș, an international brand, aligns with this objective, and therefore, we are delighted that this investment has been made. We have great confidence in the power and perseverance of our local entrepreneurs and, therefore, in the fact that the hotel opening now will be a successful and significant investment for the city and the region," stated Mrs. Mónika Kozma, President of the Pro Economica Foundation.


The Hampton by Hilton Hotel is located ten minutes away from the historic and commercial center of the city. The total capacity of the hotel is 115 rooms, where guests are welcomed in modern and elegant spaces, fully equipped, in a pleasant atmosphere.


"Our four-star hotel offers comfortable rooms, perfect for those seeking integrated services during business trips, but we also have family-type rooms for those who wish to relax on vacation. The hotel's ground floor includes a bar, reception, lobby, restaurant, and a HUB, as well as a modern and eclectic conference room, all intended to provide comfort to the guests. Additionally, in the underground parking lot, guests can safely store their cars, and those who wish to relax can use our fitness room," presented the hotel's services, Mr. Huba Siklódi, the appointed director of the Hampton by Hilton Hotel.


The Hampton by Hilton Hotel is the second building within a strategic investment, and soon the construction of a private clinic will also be completed.


Source: https://www.msnews.ro/a-fost-inaugurata-cea-de-a-doua-cladire-a-centrului-strategic-apartinand-grupului-multinvest-hotelul-hampton-by-hilton/



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